ThinkFit Core System Yoga Exercise Ball Resistance Band Core Sliders Resistance Loop Bands Poster and Pump Think Fit - Live Fit!

-By ThinkFit

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  • 🔥 THE #1 SECRET TO GETTING STRONG ABS... Did you know there's a better way than doing crunches on the floor to get ripped out abs? Our ThinkFit Core System makes is easier than ever to get those sculpted abs you've been working towards. Choose from over 10 popular core workouts using your Exercise Ball and Stability Ring to maximize your fitness results. You'll work muscles you never knew you had!
  • 💪 GET FIT WHILE YOU WATCH TV! Do you love watching Netflix at night with your friends or significant other? If you're like most humans living in America, then you probably answered yes. That's great! Now you can workout your abs, upper, and lower body while you binge-watch your favorite TV shows. There's less guilt when you're getting an incredible workout at the same time, right?!
  • 🔥 THE PERFECT GIFT FOR FITNESS JUNKIES! If you are looking for an amazing gift to give that health fanatic in your life, then you're golden with our deluxe ThinkFit Core System. It includes an exercise ball and stability ring, resistance loop bands, resistance band handles, core sliders, and step-by-step workout poster to take your fitness to the next level! Our premium core system provides everything you need to 10X your total body fitness!
  • 💪 EXERCISE YOUR CORE WHILE YOU SIT... Are you someone that has to sit for long period of time at a desk? Now you can ditch the chair, and have way more fun sitting on our ThinkFit Excercize Ball while you work! As you sit on our premium 65 cm balance ball, you will engage your core muscles to prevent you from falling off! Which means your burning calories, strengthening your core muscles, and improving your balance while you work! #winning

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Product Description

A Few Reasons You'll Love Your ThinkFit Core System:

✅ Increases Flexibility and Balance

✅ Strengthens Core Muscles

✅ Reduces Back, Hip, & Knee Pain

✅ Improves Your Posture

✅ Enjoy over 40 Total Body Workouts

✅ A Healthy Alternative to Sitting in an Office Chair

✅ Great for Pregnancy Workouts, Stretching, & Birthing

✅ Helpful for Physical Therapy & Recovery

✅ Heavy-Duty Exercise Ball for all Fitness Levels

✅ Great for Men & Women with a Busy Lifestyle

What You'll Receive:

1 ThinkFit Exercise Ball- Our high end gym balls are phthalate-free and made from the highest quality PVC material. Enjoy using for over 40 workouts!

1 ThinkFit Stability Ring- This allows you to anchor your professional-grade balance ball to add extra stability when sitting, and also help you maintain the proper form during workouts.

5 ThinkFit Resistance Loop Bands- Add another element of strength training to your workouts with our premium resistance bands.

2 ThinkFit Resistance Band Handles- Our triple-stitched cushioned resistance band handles were made for extra comfort.

2 ThinkFit Core Sliders- Get an extreme ab workout with our core sliders. They work great on all surfaces including carpet and hard wood flooring.

1 ThinkFit Exercise Poster with Detailed Workout Descriptions- With over 40 workouts to choose from, you can get an amazing full body workout in under 20 minutes.