Nintendo Splatoon Series - Octoling Amiibo 3-pack - Switch

-By Nintendo

List Price: $34.99
Price: $42.99
  • Like Inklings, they have the ability to transform, but into octopi rather than squids
  • Octoling girl, octoling boy, and octoling octopus amiibo figures are available exclusively in the splatoon series 3-pack set
  • Games, systems, and amiibo sold separately. Visit Nintendo.Com/amiibo for details on amiibo functionality

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Product Description

The protagonist of the splatoon 2: octo expansion DLC is a young octarian octoling, known as agent 8. Octolings seem to have a more serious Nature than the carefree inklings we're accustomed to. They're naturally good with their hands and adept at using tools and machinery, making them quite formidable in battle.