Elle Decor Embossed Silky Soft Thick Plush Throw Blanket (Diamond Limestone, Throw 60 X 70)

-By Elle Decor

  • From the stylists at Elle Decor, we bring you this selection of celebrity-worthy plush throw blankets
  • 2X thicker and more plush than the competition, more comfortable and cozy
  • Available in generous sizes and easy to match colors, our bed blankets are available in oversized (10" larger then a regular throw), Twin size, Queen size, and King size; available in a range of easy-to-match colors, this bed blanket is an instant and affordable way to spruce up your bedroom or living room
  • Machine washable, this bed throw blanket doesn't need any special care; in fact, you can throw it into the washing machine and wash it on a gentle cycle with a little fabric softener. Tumble dry low or air-drying it naturally
  • Made with quality fabric, your couch throw blanket will last longer and stay in better shape

Product Description

Incredibly soft and smooth bed throw blanket

For a blissful night sleep, this bed blanket is one of the best choices that offers luxury and practicality in the bedroom.

Made of soft and smooth plush polyester

Sink into a wonderfully soft embrace every night with this twin bedding blanket. Crafted from plush polyester, this bed throw blanket is very comfortable and soft. Great thing is, the throw blanket for bed is also extremely durable, meaning that it can last for many years with proper care.

Practical and user-friendly bed blanket

The plush polyester fabric of the decorative bed blanket is highly resistant to wrinkles, shrinking and stretching. This means that they're super-easy to take care of (no ironing!) and wouldn't go out of shape or shrink over the years. It's also super quick-drying too, so you never have to spend too much time waiting before you can have fresh soft blankets. Did we hear you cheer?

Machine washable soft blanket

As the plush polyester material of the bed blanket is very strong, it can withstand the rigors of the washing machine. Wash it on gentle cycle before tumbling dry on low or air-drying it. That's it - you don't even need to iron it!

Generous sized bed blanket

Compared to the usual couch throw blanket, our sofa blanket is slightly bigger in size. This makes it convenient for you to spread it over yourself or partner to make it warmer and more comfortable.

Available in a range of easy-to-match colors

Whatever the style of your bedroom decor or color scheme, we've a sofa bed blanket for you. Choose from our easy-to-match colors and add an instant splash of style to your bedroom.