Wellead Stove Burner Covers Gas Range Protectors Non-stick Stovetop Burner Liners 12 Packs 10.6" x 10.6" Reusable Double Thickness Easy Clean for Kitchen/Cooking

-By Wellead

List Price: $15.99
Price: $15.99
  • ★【Keep Stovetop Clean】This gas stove burner covers can keep your range surface clean, do not interfere with cooking. Whenever stuff splashes or falls on them, you just toss the stovetop burner liners in the dishwasher, and they come out great.
  • ★【Make Cleaning A Breeze】After cooking, all you have to do is take the gas stove burner covers out to rinse off. And the stove stays clean. It's much easier than scrubbing the stove down all the time.
  • ★【Cut to Custom Fit】The gas stove burner covers are basically the grill mats cut to basic range shapes. You can cut them to a perfect, custom fit with ease.
  • ★【Heat Resistant】These gas stove burner covers are heat proof. There is no shape changing or any kind of damage caused by heat. They blend with your stove unless you are close you don't even know the gas range protectors are there.
  • ★【12 MONTHS WARRANTY】Comes in pack of 12. This Wellead Gas stove burner covers provides 1 Year Warranty and friendly customer service.
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Product Description

Just Wipe the Gas Range Protectors Clean and Go On to Enjoy Dinner with Family and Friends.
Wellead gas stove burner covers make cleaning the stove a breeze, simply lift off and wash clean. You can cut these stovetop burner liners to a perfect, custom fit. The gas range protectors are pretty easy to clean with sponge.

☞ Reusable gas stove burner covers on both sides.
☞ Dishwasher safe gas stove burner covers, FDA approved.
☞ The stovetop burner liners are thin enough to lay flat on the stove, no warping, wrinkling or folding.
☞ Each gas range protector can be cut to fit the individual burner. Perfect for most types of gas ranges.
☞ Non-stick gas range protectors, make them easy to remove, clean, dry and then back on the stove.

How to Use
1.Measuring the gas holes of the stove size precisely and mark by pencil.
2.Tailoring the gas range protectors in accordance to mark.
3.Taking off the stove accessories and laying the gas range protectors.
4.Reassembling accessories and finish.

Warm Tips
1.Please note, this gas stove burner covers are not apply for electric stove top.
2.The stovetop burner liners is heat resistant but not fireproof. Do not use directly on flame or heat element.
3.Do not use gas range protectors to cover the gas holes of the stove. Above 260°C ( 500 °F) may cause melting.

Package Included
12 x gas stove burner covers (10.6"x 10.6)
1 x Users Manual

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