Bosch GO29 29 Pc. Gold Oxide Drill Bit Set

-By Bosch

List Price: $29.99
Price: $29.99
  • Versatile general-purpose drill bit set - features Gold oxide coating; shanks that fit standard three-jaw drills; and use in drilling wood, plastic and Light-gauge metal
  • Bits 1/8 in. And larger - feature 135° split points on the tips to reduce bit walking
  • Gold oxide coating - provides longer bit life by resisting heat buildup
  • Standard shank diameters - fits standard three-jaw drills, both corded and cordless
  • Universal drilling applications - designed for general-purpose drilling in wood, plastic and Light-gauge metal

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Product Description

Bosch Gold Oxide drill bits offer added speed and durability for general-purpose drilling applications in wood, plastic and light-gauge metal. Each of the bits in the set can be used in a standard three-jaw drill – both corded and cordless. The Gold Oxide coating helps to provide longer accessory life than high-speed steel drill bits. It provides resists heat buildup, provides durability and offers effective material removal. The bits that are 1/8 in. And larger have a 135° split point to reduce bit walking. The tips help eliminate the need for a center punch in light gauge metal. Bits smaller than 1/8 in. Have 118° standard point. The set comes with a metal case for convenient storage.