AICOOK Espresso Machine, Barista Espresso Coffee Maker with One Touch Digital Screen, 15 bar Pump and Automatic Milk Frother, Cappuccino maker, Latte maker


List Price: $259.99
Price: $119.99
You Save: $106.00 (47%)
  • ONE-TOUCH OPERTATION: One-touch control digital screen for 15 BAR espresso machine. Almost no special skills required,just touching screen keys, you can get your favourite drink.
  • FROTHING WAND: Make fantastic foamed milk for cappuccinos, lattes.You can turning the Froth Control Knob to the right for more foam and to the left for less foam.
  • LARGE RESERVOIR: 61.5ounce(1.8Liter) removable water reservoir, easy to fill water and wash. Holds more water for brewing more shots.
  • ENERGY SAVER: The espresso machine automatic stop when brewing cycle is finished, and will be into "sleep state" after no operation for 25min.
  • WARRANTY: Espresso coffee maker with 2 Years Replacement or Repayment Warranty for defective products is proof that we stand behind our products. Contact Customer Service 24 hours a day and we can assist you.

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Product Description

Aicook Espresso machines, Compact size and modern design, give your family or office a touch of elegance and class.
Having an automatic espresso machine can allow you to offer a selection of delicious drinks,all you need to do is press a button or two and the machine does the work for you.

Rated Voltage: 120V
Rated Power: 1350W
Capacity: Maximum 61.5ounce(1.8Liter)
Color: Black

How to use:
1.Fill your espresso machine's reservoir and milk reservoir.
2.Choose the filter and fill the filter with coffee grounds, tamp and press firmly by using the messure scoop. Medium fine grind ground is recommended.
3.Lock portafilter in the grouphead and run the machine for a few seconds.
4.Place the cup and turn the machine on.
5.Select your prefer drink and touch the button.


1.Please brew with water only to clean the boiler for the first use or for use after a long period of time.
2.Clean the intervals every 80 brew cycles of soft water, every 40 brew cycles of hard water.
3.To avoid leaking, Medium fine coffee ground is recommended. Coffee grounds should be tamped and no more than max level of filter, and coffee dregs on seal ring should be cleaned with paper towel after uses. OR brew water only to clean seal and filter.