The Spot USB Outlet Cover Plate by Dot Genie: The Simplest Custom Built-In Holder Mount for Voice Assistants – Great for Home and Business – Designed in The USA (White, 1-Pack)

-By Mount Genie

List Price: $12.99
Price: $12.99
  • The Spot USB Outlet Cover replaces your existing outlet wall plate and holds your voice assistant in place for the cleanest built-in looking installation. Works with the most common USB outlets available and comes with a custom adapter to eliminate the long cord.
  • Works in any plug orientation (Vertical, Horizontal, Left, Right) so that your device is sure to keep out of the way.
  • The device is easy to remove from The Spot USB Outlet Cover, however we also include a section of 3M tape to keep it extra secure in public areas like offices and schools. This will help keep it from disappearing.
  • By using the USB port you still have 2 outlets open for other devices.
  • 2 Amp USB Decor Outlet is needed and SOLD SEPARATELY.  Please check you existing outlet to make sure it powers on the device. New USB outlets should all be 2 Amp or greater but please check to make sure. We like Top-Greener and they are for sale on this site.

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Product Description

The Spot USB Outlet Cover lets you completely eliminate your device's power adapter and plug straight into your USB outlet for a much sleeker look. Designed to hold your Voice Assistant close to the wall where it cannot get bumped and disconnected. The Spot USB Outlet Cover also looks great in any room and gives a built-in look and feel with almost no install work.  Dot Genie products are designed with love and environmental awareness in the USA.