Clear Tote Bag, NFL and PGA Compliant Zippered Shoulder Bag Stadium Security Travel Gym Tote Bag, Sturdy PVC Construction Long Handles

-By thE FooD Cop

  • Best chance doesn't come twice, Not to miss it! Quality clear tote bag at a discount now.
  • GREAT DESIGN - Strap, Inside zipped, top zipped, extra front pocket. Specially for women & football games.
  • USAGE - Perfect for lunch bag, work, school, exam, gym, stadium and etc.
  • Made of thick PVC which feels strong and durable, but not so thick that it feels stiff and rigid.
  • Nothing to promise but the quality&work in-depth with the manufacturer to provide the best service.

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Product Description

Are you a fan of sports games, concerts, festivals, parties, and other events, but end up spending too much time getting your baggage checked by security?
Well these amazing shoulder bags solve that issue too their clear, see through designs make security checks a breeze.
-You'll never have to miss a concert's start again .
-The league will allow transparent plastic which meets Football Tournament guideline.
-Students can bring their lunches to school in clear bags daily and during testing days.
-Office workers can bring lunch in clear bags as well.