Baby Teether Toy Extraordinaire: Dibly - The Dino-Sore-No-More Baby Teething Toy by Bambeado. Our BPA Free Teethers Help take The Stress Out of Teething, from Newborn Baby Through to Infant. …

-By Bambeado

  • SAVE YOUR SANITY - When your wee bubby is teething the whole household can be put under STRESS, lots and lots of it! Our Dibly teether toys can help reduce that stress for all, allowing you to enjoy this wonderful period with your child rather than wishing it away. Quite simply, this is a must have for all babies from 3-6 months onward.
  • PROVIDE RELIEF FOR BUBBIES SORE GUMS - All babies instinctively want to chew on whatever they can get their little hands on when the teeth start to push through. Made from soft, chewable, baby-safe silicone, Dibly baby teether toys are the perfect texture for those tender gums - we call it the Goldilocks Zone, not too hard and not too soft, just perfect.
  • LOTS OF COLOR, LOTS OF TEXTURE - We have put a lot of thought into the look at feel of Dibly baby teethers. The legs are just the right size for little hands to hold, the knobs on the back can reach the back molars and the toothbrush tail helps in the start of great oral hygiene habits. Combine all these features with the bright colors and the result is a sensory and tactile experience that will help stimulate your baby.
  • NO NASTIES - Single molded product, so there are no cracks or joins for bacteria to accumulate. This also makes it perfect as a Bath Toy. Certified BPA Free, PVC Free, Lead Free. When it comes to newborn toys or baby teething toys you can't be too careful.
  • FREE 32 PAGE BOOK INCLUDED - Dibly is different from the other dinosaurs around and he doesn't understand why. Read the story to your child of how Dibly discovers his unique talents that make him special, just as all of us are. This lovely story conveys an important lesson in a fun and engaging way.

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