Nature Exploration Adventure Toys | 5 PC Outdoor Adventure Set | Compass, Magnifying Glass, Flashlight, Backpack & Binoculars For Kids | Educational Outdoor Toys for Kids

-By Boxiki kids

  • ✅ EXPLORE, OBSERVE & DISCOVER - The world is yours to discover! Brightly colored, interactive and child-sized, these high quality nature explorer toys will inspire kids to spend time outside, go on adventures, and learn about the wonderful world around them.
  • ✅ ENCOURAGE CURIOSITY - Whether it's backyard investigation, an indoor adventure on a rainy day, a bird watching trip to the park, or even a fun car-ride activity - these exploration toys engage your child's curiosity and keep them happy and entertained.
  • ✅ EXPERIENCE NATURE - Being outside is important to your child's health and happiness. This backyard adventure kit is a great way for you to promote an active lifestyle and inspire your kids to play outside, explore nature and build healthy habits!
  • ✅ DEVELOP SCIENCE SKILLS - Little minds are eager to investigate and learn. Introduce compass navigating, basic science & bird watching. This outdoor adventure kit is an engaging way to develop your child's mind while enjoying fun quality time together!
  • ✅ COMPLETE EXPLORER KIT - Designed for little hands, this nature explorer outdoor toy set includes adjustable focus binoculars with soft eye cups, a hand-crank LED flashlight, a compact compass, a clear plastic magnifying glass and a fabric backpack.

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Product Description

The world is yours to discover!

Encourage your kids to explore the outdoors and develop an early love of nature. These outdoor adventure backyard toys give your little explorer everything they need to investigate, observe, and understand the fascinating world around them. Use this child-safe exploring kit to teach your children elementary science observation methods, compass navigating and basic bird watching skills, all from the convenience of your own backyard. Keep your children's bodies active and their minds curious with these fun educational toys!


  • Adjustable focus binoculars with neck strap
  • Hand-crank LED flashlight (no batteries required)
  • Compact kid-safe compass
  • Small plastic magnifying glass
  • Fabric child-sized backpack for easy transportation

Multi-Purpose Use

Children & young toddlers alike can enjoy this kid-safe nature explorer set. Whether you use it in your own home or back yard, take it on camping trips to investigate exotic locations, go on a special bird watching excursion, or simply pack it in the car or stroller for an on-the-go outdoor adventure game, this set will provide your children with hours of outdoor fun & educational play!

Gift Ideas

Looking for unique & educational gift ideas for children? This backyard exploration & bird watching kit makes a fun and exciting gift that kids will both love and learn from! Whether you give it to your own children, nieces, nephews, or even aspiring young science students - these young explorers toys are a wonderful birthday or holiday gift option!

Product Specs

  • Binocular - 4.3 x 4.5 x 1.7 inch (11 x 11.5 x 4.2 cm)
  • Flashlight - 3.9 x 2 x 0.9 inch (10 x 5 x 2.4 cm)
  • Compass - 2.7 x 2.1 x 1.1 inch (7 x 5.3 x 2.7cm)
  • Magnifying Glass - 4.5 x 2.1 inch (11.5 x 5.3cm)
  • Backpack - 15.7 x 13.4 inch (40 x 34 cm)