Flight Socks for Women & Men - Best Compression Socks Running Athletics Skiing Nurses Shin Splints Blood Circulation - 20-30mmHg, Pink L/XL

-By aZengear

  • ✅ FLIGHT SOCKS - absorb impacts, protect from cramps, reduce leg swelling and fatigue, speed up muscle recovery & improve blood circulation day and night
  • ✅ MOISTURE WICKING & ANTI-BACTERIAL FABRIC keeps your skin clean and healthy, prevents odors, allergies and infections from taking hold
  • ✅ NON-SLIP CUFF & DOUBLE STITCHED SEAMS make these compression socks your perfect athletic, running, flight travel & ski compression socks. The stitches are positioned to not rub or rip open. The toe area provides cushion and does not squeeze toe joints giving you every comfort in style
  • ✅ DESIGNED TO LAST and BEST for nurses, travelers, athletes, drivers, pilots, maternity and those who experience the onset of varicose veins and dvt
  • ✅ SUPERIOR PRODUCT & SERVICE - We cut no corners in our product and will cut no corners in providing top-notch service to you. Buy with confidence and experience our superb customer service

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Product Description

The aZengear graduated compression flight socks for men and women are perfect for those who are on the move - whether you embark on a long travel and need a pair of flight socks or spend most of your work day on your feet.

These ankle, muscle and calf support socks are a great fit for

- nurses
- pregnant women and maternity
- those suffering from varicose veins, dvt or recovering after surgery
- runners
- hikers
- cyclists and so many more.

With the high quality anti-bacterial fabric keeping your feet dry and free from irritation and the enhanced heel, toe and ankle support, you can boost your sporting performance and keep yourself well protected from injuries.

Whether you are a busy nurse, an avid cross country hiker or a traveller looking to protect your ankles and legs from discomfort, these socks make for an affordable yet invaluable addition to your wardrobe.

With a unique and appealing heel design, maximum comfort and usability in mind, you will be amazed from the moment you first put them on how quickly they improve your blood circulation. Stylish, reliable, affordable and most importantly effective - the aZengear knee-high graduated compression socks are an exceptional deal.

Do your feet a favour and make sure you don't miss out, buy yours today!