AINOLWAY Medium Large Rope Dog Toys 6 Pack Set, 4 Sturdy Rope Toy with Ball and Handle for Tug of War & 1 Wooden Dog Bone & 1 Squeaker Football, Assortment for Large Breeds and Big Puppies


List Price: $18.29
Price: $16.99
  • DURABILITY AT ITS FINEST: If you have been looking for a very durable dog toy, this dog toys pack is exactly what you need. It's suitable for dog training, tug-war or fetching even if your furry friend is an aggressive chewer
  • TOP-LINE QUALITY DOG TOY: Rope tug toy is made upon the highest standards and is constructed to exceed the highest expectations. Use them to avoid hurting yourself and play safely with your four legged friend
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Nice chew toys to satisfiy dogs' instinctual needs. Great to clean teeth, keep health, redirect bad biting behavior, strengthen the bond between dog and owner, decreases separation anxiety, promotes proper chewing behavior
  • IDEAL FOR LARGE AND GIANT DOGS: The largest one rope toy is 21in ( 54cm) long and 9.5oz ( 270g) weight. This top notch dog toy has been specially designed to please Medium Large dogs.Get this tug toy and have fun playing with your dog
  • 100% SAFE FOR YOUR DOG: AINOLWAY dog rope is made of 100% finest quality cotton. There are no toxic, plastic or hard materials that might put your dog's health on the line or hurt his gums and teeth

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Product Description

The Ultimate Dog Toy By AINOLWAY: Keep Your Dog Busy With This Incomparably Entertaining Dog Rope!

What dog doesn't love to chew on a good rope? Does your dog love to play tug-a-war, retrieve or chew?

Not only are dog rope toys durable for safe play, but they are also beneficial to your pet's dental health.
Chew ropes help wipe teeth clean with every bite, for a fresher, healthier mouth.
Then delight your dog with these adorable stuffed doggy toys!

AINOLWAY Large Dog Rope Toys Set Will Become Your Dog's New Favorite Toy:

A bored dog is a destructive dog and boredom is the main reason why dogs rip off all your shoes and destroy your furniture while you are taking a hot shower or you are not around.
Since it's not easy to always watch your dog, you need a toy that will help your furry friend let steam off and remain calm.
With this dog toy, you will never have to worry about your dog turning the house into a mess again!

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