EVERTOP Jewelry Box, Bracelet Earring Watch Combination Lock Storage Organizer with Compartments, Red


  • 4-digit code mechanism unit keeps secret for girls, women to storage items, initial code is " 0000 ", details of how to set up new code please refer to description
  • Offset internal box of lockable jewelry box helps to organize watch, necklace, jade, ring, earring, bracelet
  • Mobile inner box design, 7L large capacity for storage when you take the inside box away
  • Room of 1.18 inch in height makes it possible to place files, certification, contract, document, etc
  • 1.5 meter drop-proof, prevents unexpected damage caused by sliding off from hand

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Product Description

Mobile inner box with divided compartment is for different organization

The offset internal box is perfect to store and organize watch, necklace, jade, ring, earring, bracelet, etc

Special structure of leaving space for box

There is room of 1.18 inch height left in between the bottom of the base and the inner box, which is specific designed to place document, certification, towels, paper,etc

Luxurious and fashionable exterior design

4-digit code lock setting, keeps secret for girls, women A secret makes women women, this jewelry base offers 4-digit mechanism code unit to lock, easy to operate

How To Set Up New Code:

Inside the jewelry box, there is a mechanism code unit. You can see "A" and "B" words. Make sure it is open with initial code " 0000 "

1. Push the unit upwards to "A"
2. Dial 4-digit new code, keep it in mind or write down to a note paper
3. Push the unit downwards to "B", the new code is finished!
4. Close the lid and mess up the codes to test, the box won't open until correct codes entered


Material: ABS + Sponge + Flocking
Size: 11.81 x 8.66 x 4.02 inches
Capacity: 7 liter


A) We suggest to avoid dropping the box off from 1 meter in height
B) The initial code is 0000, before you succeed to set up a new code, please keep the code in mind

Package Included

1 x Jewelry box(red)
1 x Guide