ESR iPhone 8 Case, iPhone 8 Marble Case, Slim Soft Flexible TPU Marble Pattern Cover for The iPhone 8/7(Black Sierra)


List Price: $3.99
Price: $3.99
  • [Compatibility]: iPhone 8 Case / iPhone 7 Case compatible with 4.7" iPhone 8 (2017 Release)/iPhone 7(2016 Release).
  • [Flexible TPU]: Soft TPU makes installing and removing this case stress-free.
  • [Screen and Camera Protection]: Raised edges help to protect your screen and camera from rubbing against flat surfaces.
  • [Excellent Grip]: The scratch-resistant surface is smooth without being slippery.
  • [Precise Cutouts]: Easy access to the charging port and speakers without having to remove the case.

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Product Description

Q&A about ESR Product:

Q1: Is it compatible with iPhone 8 (2017 Release) and iPhone 7 (2016 Release)?
A: Yes, it compatible with both iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

Q2: Does this work with wireless charging?
A: Yes, it supports wireless charging.

Q3: Will this case need to be taken off to wireless charge the phone?
A: No, it supports wireless charging without taking off your case.

Q4: Is this flexible tpu or hard plastic?
A: It designed with soft tpu material and you can install or remove it easily.

Q5: Do I need to take off the when I want to charge my iPhone?
A: Easy access to speaker & charging port without having to remove the case for its precise cutouts.

Q6: Does this case fit snugly on the iPhone or is it pretty loose?
A: It fits perfectly and not loose at all.

Q7: Does the case have a lip to protect the camera and screen?
A: Yes, the edge around the camera and screen is higher and will protect your screen and lens from scratches.

Q8: Does the case prevent fingerprints and scratches?
A: Yes, it is anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint.

Q9: Is it easy to install and remove?
A: Yes, the case is made of soft TPU material which is easy to install and remove.

Q10: Will it slip out of my hand easily?
A: No, this material is designed to prevent slipping.

Q11: Can I get replacement or full refund if the item doesn't work well?
A: Yes, replacement or money back if any happens to our products during the period of warranty (180 Days Warranty).