LeapFrog LeapStart Learn To Read Volume 2

-By LeapFrog

  • Volume two uses the LeapStart learning system to build reading confidence through six engaging stories with colorful pictures and interactive pages.
  • Encourages children to touch pages, pictures, individual letters and words to help build advanced reading skills, such as vowel teams and consonant blends.
  • Each story has a Words in This Story section to familiarize young readers with words they'll find in the story, much like the pre-reading activities they'll find in the classroom.
  • On most pages, kids will find Say It, Sound It and Spell It icons. Touch an icon and a word on the page to hear each word, listen to the word sounded out or have the word spelled out to hear the letter names.
  • For younger readers, check out Learn to Read Volume 1 for beginner words and stories.

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Product Description

This interactive, activity book talks, sings and comes to life with 30+ replay able activities for preschool covering daily routines.