MERCIER 2 stage Commercial Grade Diamond Coated Manual Knife Sharpener

-By Mercier Kitchen

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  • STYLISH, ERGONOMIC, and DURABLE. Merkit knife sharpener is built from high quality materials with 2-stage fine/coarse sharpening system. You can sharpen and polish your blades to razor- sharpness. The design is modern and sleek, suitable for today's young and savvy.
  • ALL BLADES VERSATILE SHARPENER. It works for all types of blades, including all steel and ceramic knives ranging from paring knives, carving & slicing knives, fruit & vegetable knives, chefs' knives, utility knives, cleavers, hunting knives, kitchen cutlery, gardening shears etc.
  • 5 STROKES EASY-TO- USE SHARPENING. The sharpener has been designed to sharpen any dull or blunt kitchen knife into as razor sharp as you had it when new, sometimes even sharper with just 3 to 5 strokes! It has been tailored to attain a perfect sharpening angle, giving you the best result and safeguarding your investment in valuable knives!
  • NON-SLIP SAFETY CUSION.SAFETY SLIDER. A soft, non-slip base provides a secure grip and cushions hands during repetitive knife sharpening motions providing more control and avoiding unwanted accidents. Its handle is also located to the side of the rods, so your hand is safely away from the moving blade throughout the sharpening process. The sharpening slots can also be closed off with a safety slider to avoid accidents.
  • BETTER THAN MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We offer a NO QUESTION ASKED FULL REFUND POLICY. If for whatever reason you're not happy with our product, let us know and we will get you a full refund. But WAIT, you also get to keep the product for FREE as a reward for investing your time with our product and for giving us a try.
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Product Description

MERCIER KITCHEN Introduces... Diamond Coated Knife Sharpener

Even the best knife is useless if it's not kept sharp. Keeping your knives in good working order can be tedious, though!

Are you ready to bring your dull blades into brand-new condition?

Use Mercier knife sharpener and you can transform any blunt kitchen knife into a razor sharp cutting tool!
Takes the guesswork out of honing your favorite knives, with its perfectly angled rods.

Mercier Sharpener is a work horse in the kitchen. Easily sharpen your favorite knife in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to worry about the type of material used on your knives because this sharpener can sharpen even the hardened steel knives.

This knife sharpener makes your cutting tasks easy.

Whether you are dicing vegetables, slicing meet, or carving the Sunday roast, a sharp knife can really help. Use its 2 stage sharpening to sharpen and polish your knives.

The sharpener only removes microscopic amounts of knife metal.

You do not need to worry about damaging your valuable knives. This sharpener is designed to safeguard your knives and keep them sharp.

Do NOT Wait! End the knives dullness!

100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE No Question Asked! If you're not happy with our product for any reason just send us a message and get a refund!


1. Place the knife sharpener on a flat surface.
2. Hold the knife sharpener by the handle.
3. Pull the knife along the coarse slot a few times.
4. Pull it down the fine slot a couple times to polish the blade off and to hone the knife.

User Tips:
1. Pull inwards from the outside while sharpening; Never go back and forth.
2. Keep the sharpener dry and clean.