(6-Pack) Spectre Shield for Withings Activite Steel Screen Protector (Military-Grade) Flexible Full Coverage Ultra HD Clear Anti-Bubble Anti-Scratch Film

-By Spectre Shield

  • Spectre Shield Withings Activite Steel Screen Protector is your "virtually invisible" screen protection solution from unwanted and accidental scratches or damage!
  • Protect your Withings Activite Steel screen from scratches, wear/tear, and dirt with this unique proprietary skin film material; Laser-cut precision to ensure perfect fitment - compatible with Withings Activite Steel cases
  • Crystal Clear HD & Bubble-Free Withings Activite Steel Screen Protector - High definition transparency film ensures your phone screen stays sharp with vibrant colors
  • Easy installation via "liquid application" allowing multiple adjustments during the install process
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Includes Lifetime Replacements voucher to cover film replacements for the life of your device!
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Product Description

"Spectre Shield: Maximum Protection. Virtually Invisible."

Experts in screen protection from scratches, wear and tear, and dirt
Great way to preserve the resale or trade-in value of your device
Film clarity with bubble-free and high definition technology
Touch accuracy ensures your touchscreen acts 100% the way it should

Why Do You Need A Screen Protector?

It is extremely common for electronic devices to get damaged. Just check out these statistics:

45% of consumers will damage their device during its life
38% will drop their device from their hand
28% will drop their device in liquid
15% will suffer damage from falling off their lap

What is Spectre Shield?

Spectre Shield Screen Protectors are military-grade clear film precisely made for your wearable or phone devices, designed to provide maximum protection for your screen that goes on virtually invisible.

Invisible & HD Clear - Made with durability and visibility in mind. Advanced optical material is used to ensure you get the highest visibility on your screen.

Error-Free Installation - Our film is installed via "wet method" allowing multiple chances to align the film and even wash off dirt if needed during installation. Leaves no sticky residue.

What's Included:

- Spectre Shield Film
- Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
- Smoothing Assist Card
- Detailed Instructions
- Retail Packaging