KAERSI Small Drawstring Trash Bags for Bathroom, Kitchen, Office Waste Bin/Wastebasket, 4 Gallon, 100 Counts Blue


List Price: $22.99
Price: $11.95
You Save: $11.04 (48%)
  • Thickened drawstring small Garbage Bags blue
  • 1 Roll - 100 counts- 4Gallon, Size: 17.7 * 19.7 inch
  • Strong and sturdy to avoid messy trash disasters as you transport it
  • Perfect for smaller trash cans and everyday use
  • Great for use in bathrooms, bedrooms, home office, cars

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Product Description

Why choose our garbage bags?

1- Drawstring Design
Very convenient and easy to enjoy your kitchen life. When cleaning up the garbage, do not worry that the hands will be covered with garbage.

2-Thicker Design
Super load-bearing, do not worry about garbage bags broken tear, anti-leakage of garbage or sewage

3-Samll Trash bag 3-4 Gallon
Suitable for most of the small Mini Wastebasket / Trash Can, for example: Ama-zonBasics Mesh Wastebasket, Um-bra Waste Can, simp-lehuman Mini Trash Can

Note: This model of garbage bags only has a moderate anti-puncture ability, not suitable for sharp waste

Very suitable for: bathroom, toilet, bedroom, office, car, leisure and so on
Also suitable for: travel, outdoor play, dry or wet clothes