Leboha Grey Lava Rock and Matte Green Aventurine Essential Oil Beaded Diffuser Bracelet, Women's Essential Oil Jewelry, 8mm Bead Size, Yoga Jewelry

-By Mana Vibes

List Price: $12.99
Price: $12.99
  • ONE OF A KIND ESSENTIAL OILS JEWELRY: Elastic stretch unfinished lava rock beaded bracelet with semi-precious matte green aventurine gemstones. Exclusively designed by Mana Vibes, you won't find another design like this.
  • BENEFITS OF LAVA STONE: Believed to have chakra grounding properties and are thought to improve strength and wisdom. Each lava bead is unique a differs from the rest.
  • SIZING: Each lava stone on this essential oil diffuser jewelry measures 8mm, unisex beaded bracelet stretches to fit almost any size. For women, men and children. Bracelet size is 7.25", good for wrist that measure 6.5" - 7.5".
  • STYLISH BEADED BRACELET: A simple way to use your essential oils, great Yoga Jewelry!- add a few drops of your favorite oils to a few lava beads and reap the benefits all day! The longer you let the oils sit on the lava beads the longer the scent will last. Each essential oil diffuser bracelet comes in a burlap gift pouch
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Mana Vibes wants to make you smile, we are more than happy to replace or refund if the bracelet breaks or is defective or you are simply not vibing from it. Mana Vibes = Meaningful Work, Positive Vibes and Service to Others.

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Product Description

This unisex diffuser beaded bracelet is a great solution for those on the go or simply looking to carry the scents (and wonderful healing properties) of their oils with them all day long! Great yoga jewelry, add some essential oil to the lava beads before a yoga session and enjoy the scent through your vinyasa! Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or oils to 2-4 lava beads. Let sit to absorb for a few minutes, wipe off any excess oil and you're good to go! After 2-3 days the fragrance dissipates and you can use a different oil. This essential oil bracelet can also be gently rinsed and wiped clean when you're ready for a scent change. These lava rock bracelets are totally unisex! This essential oil jewelry also doubles as a chakra bracelet. Green Aventurine is believed to boost creativity and imagination, enhance prosperity and improve mental clarity. It is said to induce a sense of calm and balance while also encouraging peace and happiness. It also helps to bring about courage and positivity that draws from one's inner strength. It is also a stone of luck, protection and the heart chakra. About Mana Vibes: Our motto is: Meaningful Work, Positive Vibes and Service to Others. Mana means the power within and we are all about spreading good vibes! Keep a look out for some future products that benefit great non profits! KEEP A SMILE! Disclaimer: Do not use your essential oil jewelry while in a tanning bed.