BOSS Audio BCAM40 Car Dash Cam DVR System – 2.7” High Definition LCD Screen, 1080P Recording, Power Adapter And SYNC Cable, Motion Detection, Auto Loop Recording, 110° Wide Angle

-By BOSS Audio Systems

List Price: $39.99
Price: $39.99
  • HD RECORDING: Full HD 1080P With a 110 Degree Wide Angle Lens For A Clear Resolution On a 2.7 Inch LCD Screen. Easily show That You Did NOT Run That Red Light, Or Present Video Evidence Of An Accident Or Other Traffic Related Matters
  • AUTO LOOP RECORDING: With The Auto Loop Recording Feature, You Will Never Have To Worry About Running Out Of Space On Your SD Card. Once Maximum Capacity Is Reached, The System 'Loops' Around And Starts Recording Again From The Beginning
  • MOTION DETECT: When The Camera Detects a Rough Motion Such As An Accident, It Automatically Flags That Particular Moment In Time. This Way, It Will Be Easier For You To Find The Event.
  • EMERGENCY EVENT RECORDING: If Your Vehicle Suddenly Decelerates To a Lower Speed, The Accelerometer is Triggered. The System Recognizes That Event, Locks It, Flags It as Important And Prevents It From Being Erased.
  • SD MEMORY CARD SLOT: BCAM40 Does Not Come With an SD Card So You Will Have To Purchase One. Please Make Sure The Storage Capacity Is 32 Gigabits (or Less). Although a 32 Gigabit Is Recommended For The Proper Operation Of This Dash Cam.
  • DATE & STAMP TIME: Every Recording Is Logged With a Date And Time So That There Is No Confusion On When a Certain Event Took Place.
  • INCLUDED: The BCAM40 Comes With a Power Adapter To Give It Life, As Well As a SYNC (Synchronization) Cable So That You Can Transfer The Data From The BCAM40 To Your Laptop Or Computer.
  • WARRANTY: BOSS Audio Systems Provides a Powerful 3 Year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty So Long As The Purchase Is Made Through Amazon Dot Com.

Product Description

While it is technically possible to use virtually any recording device as a dash camera, there are a number of reasons that you should consider buying BOSS Audio BCAM40 purpose-built dash cam instead of hacking something together. There actually are a handful of important factors that set dash cameras apart from other portable and handheld recording devices, all of which make BOSS Audio dashboard cameras easier and more convenient than the other alternatives.