Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Mech Suit

-By Fisher-Price

  •! press the button to fire cannon
  • Pirate shark's arms and legs really move for more realistic play!
  • Includes shark pirate figure, Mech suit, and 1 cannon projectile
  • Add the pirate shark Mech suit to other Imaginext Pirates toys for more swash-buckling adventures! (each sold separately and subject to availability.)

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Product Description

​Aaaarrr … beware all ye who wish to steal from pirate shark! you scallywags are going down! with cannon projectiles, a sword and one heavy-hitting anchor arm, the pirate shark's Mech suit will make shark bait of any who dare to steal his treasure. Kids will love creating action-packed, high-seas adventures with this sharp-toothed matey! Imaginext…Turn on adventure! where development comes into play cognitive: imaginative play and storytelling help boost kids' language skills and can instill an early love of reading.