Schleich 14575 North America Dunkleosteus Toy Figure

-By Schleich

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Price: $12.75
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  • Get to know the Dunkleosteus from the Devonian period with this figurine!
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • The ancient fish is crafted from findings of its true appearance once upon a time!
  • Lower jaw opens and closes for fun effect!
  • Comes with a booklet for all you need to know about your new (old) Dunkleosteus!

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Product Description

The Dunkleosteus lived 130-150 million years before the first dinosaurs. It was a fearless hunter who could snap incredibly fast and ate large sharks, and even its own kind if no other prey was to be found. Fossils of fish, which were only half digested, have often been discovered alongside its skeleton. Scientists therefore believe that the armored fish was not able to chew very well and swallowed it prey in large pieces. It was named after the paleontologist David Dunkle. The word "osteos" is Greek for "bone".