IOGEAR KeyMander Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Adapter Bundle for PS4 and Xbox One


List Price: $124.95
Price: $84.94
You Save: $40.01 (32%)
  • INCREASED SPEED AND ACCURACY: Bring the control and accuracy of a Keyboard and Mouse to PS4 and Xbox One for the ultimate gaming experience!
  • INCLUDED WIRELESS KEYBOARD & MOUSE: The incluced Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Mouse feature 2.4 GHz wireless operation from distances up to 33 feet
  • SUPPORTS THE LATEST CONSOLES: KeyMander supports the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, PS4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles.
  • DESIGNED FOR SHOOTER & ADVENTURE GAMES: allows faster and more accurate shooting in games like Call of Duty, PUBG and Apex Legends, plus greater customizaton for games like FarCry and Fallout
  • WORKS WITH PC, TABLETS & SMARTPHONES: KeyMander's PC software and Android app provide custom configuration and calibration for Macros, Mouse Curves, Custom Key Mapping, etc.
  • STORES MULTIPLE GAME PROFILES: Create profile groups for different games or users with up to 8 profiles per group, and quick hotkey profile switching during live gaming
  • LIVE ADJUSTMENTS: Connect a laptop, tablet or smartphone while LIVE gaming to make changes, test, and save your adjustments on-the-fly
  • FULL TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Get tech support over telephone, email, online chat session or via our user forum with downloadable game profiles, setup videos, FAQ library, and more

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Product Description


Gaming Keyboard, Mouse and Adapter for Game Consoles

The KeyMander takes console gaming to the next level by bringing the speed and precision of a mouse and keyboard to your PS4 and Xbox One! By connecting a keyboard and mouse to the KeyMander, all controller functions can be more rapidly and accurately accessed, providing a definite advantage for first person shooters, role playing games, etc. The PC software and Android app for KeyMander enable macro programming, mouse sensitivity adjustment, custom key mapping and a number of other special features that let you customize your experience in Role-Playing and Real-Time Strategy games, or dominate your favorite First-Person/Third-Person Shooter games like Apex Legends, Black Ops 4, Rainbow Six: Siege and PUBG. The Keymander supports custom profiles for specific games, characters or scenarios with easy hotkey switching between them when live gaming, for the ultimate advantage with all your favorite games.

Console Gamers and PC Gamers Unite

PC gamers have long known that when it comes to gaming, especially with First Person Shooter (FPS) games, nothing beats the speed and precision of using a mouse and keyboard. Joystick controllers are slower to aim and they make moving while attacking multiple targets much harder than it needs to be. For this reason, IOGEAR created the KeyMander to bring the advantages of using a keyboard and mouse into the world of console gaming. If you are a console gamer that has never used a keyboard and mouse with your favorite games, you owe it to yourself to experience the ultimate in speed and control. Likewise, if you are a PC gamer that has avoided console gaming due to the poor control scheme of the joystick, now is your chance to game the way you want and still enjoy the benefits of not having to update your PC hardware every time a new game title is released.

Accuracy, Control and Customization

The KeyMander's PC software enables macro programming, speed adjustment, key mapping and a number of other advantages to help you gain the upper hand in your online multiplayer battles. Move your controller functions to wherever feels the most natural- on the keyboard or the mouse. Got multiple gamers under one roof? Each person can have their own KeyMander control profile. You can load different keyboard layout profiles for different games, or even use multiple profiles in the same game so when you are doing something different, like driving a tank, you can use a more optimized layout.

Create Custom Profiles

KeyMander gives you near limitless customization options. Give yourself the advantage you've been looking for with all your favorite FPS (First Person Shooter), RPG (Role Playing Games) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) games:
• Create custom profiles for specific games and scenarios
• Custom key mapping and mouse button assignment
• Custom macro function programming
• On-the-fly tuning of mouse sensitivity and deadzone adjustment
• Create custom mouse response curves for your style of play
• Import, export and share custom game profiles

Online User Forum

The KeyMander User Forum is an online community with support from both moderators and community members. The Forum features a huge FAQ section, plus downloadable profiles for most popular games, as well as contests and news about anything KeyMander related.

Note: Keyboard and mouse not included with GE1337P. The GE1337PKIT, GE1337PKIT2, GE1337PKIT4 include a keyboard and mouse.

Hardware Requirements:
• Playstation 4 Pro / Playstation 4: requires a Sony Playstation brand wireless controller connected via a micro USB cable
• Playstation 3: requires a Sony Playstation brand wireless controller connected via a mini USB cable (Sony DualShock 3 SIXAXIS controller is recommended)
• Xbox One X / Xbox One S / Xbox One: requires a Microsoft brand Xbox One wireless controller connected via a micro USB cable
• Xbox 360: requires a Microsoft brand Xbox 360 wired controller
• PC running Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or compatible Android 4.0 device with OTG support
• USB Keyboard and USB Mouse.