UNCORKED! Games Read Between The Wines! The Party Game of Wine, Wit & Wordplay


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  • Propel your next wine-tasting event or dinner party to legendary status.
  • 54 theme cards to inspire a lifetime of hilarious wine descriptions.
  • No wine knowledge is necessary! RBTW is fun for the expert connoisseur to the unripened amateur.
  • Makes a great gift for wine and game lovers - you'll be a hero.
  • Includes wine charms, notefolios with "Zin-onyms" and "Vocab-ernet" cheat sheets, notepads, pencils, deck of theme cards and Rules Remix. Just add friends and wine!

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Product Description

If over-the-top wine tasting notes make you giggle in your Gewürztraminer, RBTW is the game for you! Each round introduces a new wine and a new theme to get the creative juices flowing, such as "If this wine had a job, what would it do?"or "What is this wine's theme song?" Your party will be abuzz with laughter as players guess WHO wrote WHAT. It's serious wine-tasting fun without taking wine tasting too seriously.