Immune: Hyperbiotics Daily Immune & Wellness Support—Probiotics With Bioavailable Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, & EpiCor (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae)—Time Release Delivery—30 Day Supply

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  • SUPERCHARGE WITH VITAMIN C. Bioavailable Vitamin C is an important piece of the puzzle to supporting your immune system, with significant antioxidant properties that may improve your odds of staying well.
  • LIVE MORE HEALTHY DAYS. Hyperbiotics Immune contains EpiCor, a groundbreaking immune ingredient that supports your immune system on multiple levels and helps maintain vitality and wellness. EpiCor has been clinically studied for its ability to support a balanced immune response.
  • SUPPORT YOUR HEALTH WITH PREMIUM INGREDIENTS. Echinacea is widely studied for its wellness properties while Zinc is a mighty antioxidant. Hyperbiotics Immune delivers a time-released and bioavailable version of them both, and our Zinc is chelated, so your body may more easily absorb it.
  • PRIORITIZE LONG-TERM WELLNESS. 80% of your immune system is in your gut. With 4 Billion CFU, 5 targeted strains, and a patented delivery system that gives them 15x more survivability than veggie probiotic capsules, our Immune formula will help to support your long-term immune health by replenishing the beneficial bacteria inside your intestinal tract.
  • FEEL YOUR BEST. Hyperbiotics Immune is uniquely formulated to support immune and overall wellness with 5 immune supporting ingredients and a patented controlled-release delivery that helps to ensure delivery past stomach acids and directly into your intestinal tract. It is time to take back your life and start feeling good!

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Product Description

Hyperbiotics Immune

5 Targeted Probiotic Strains
(including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) to effectively counter the indiscriminate effects of today's broad spectrum antibiotics, repopulating your gut and helping you stay well:
-Lactobacillus acidophilus
-Lactobacillus plantarum
-Bifidobacterium infantis
-Lactobacillus fermentum
-Lactobacillus reuteri

4 Billion Colony Forming Units per BIO-tract tablet which is equivalent to 60 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) of standard probiotic capsules!

500mg of EpiCor, a fermented (deactivated) yeast superfood that works in three ways Ð first, it helps strengthen your body's first line of defense, your skin and mucous membranes. Second, it stimulates the three major types of immune cells. And third, it supports the production of T-cell and B-cell immune factors.

The Immune System Triad. Using controlled-release delivery, this formula delivers a powerful punch of bioavailable Vitamin C (500mg), Echinacea (100mg) and Chelated Zinc (10mg).

Only Once per Day. That's it. Because with time-release delivery, the full benefits are being delivered deep inside your gut hour by hour.

¥Long Shelf Life & No Refrigeration Necessary. With the patented LiveBac manufacturing process, our formulas have a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture, unlike most probiotics that don't provide a date of any kind because their organisms die so quickly after being manufactured.

¥Made in the USA. Our probiotics are homegrown with care in Washington state, then tableted in Colorado in a facility that is GMP certified through NSF. We adhere to the strictest quality control and FDA guidelines and perform rigorous testing on every lot to ensure they are effective and as the label states.

¥ Natural Probiotic Supplement. At Hyperbiotics, we don't believe in artificial.