Taidea 360/600 Grit Diamond Sharpening Stone / Double-Sided

-By Taidea

  • Double-sided (Coarse 360 grit - Fine 600 grit)
  • Sharpens the toughest materials like tool steel, carbide and ceramics
  • The sharpener sits in a compact case with a non-skid rubber base
  • Coarse surface (360 grit) quickly restores a dull edge and the fine diamond surface (600 grit) will bring back a razor sharp edge
  • Ideal for machine tools, cutlery knives, woodworking tools

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Product Description

Taidea offers an all purpose, double-sided diamond sharpener with a non-slip base. This sharpener has a coarse 360 grit and a fine 600 grit, each with advanced diamond grit technology. The coarse surface grit will quickly restore a damaged or dull edge and the fine surface grit allows you to bring back a razor sharp edge. The two stage sharpening with an interrupted surface and a continuous surface, offers an ideal, all-purpose sharpener. It will sharpen the toughest materials, including tool steel, carbide and ceramics. The sharpener has two diamond surfaces and is ideal for machine tools, woodworking tools, garden tools and all cutlery knives. Sharpen dry or with water.