4 Permanent Coffee Filters for Keurig B30, B31, B40, B41, B60, B70, K40, K45, K65, K75. Replaces Keurig My K-cup(tm), Solofill(tm), Ekobrew(tm) and all other reusable coffee filters for Keurig Home Single Cup Brewing Systems

-By ValueCafe

List Price: $6.99
Price: $6.99
  • Make your own custom K-Cups! Ms Senior NYC likes her's with a little cinnamon added. Her daughter adds some Godiva chocolate. What's in YOUR custom Coffee Pods?
  • Works in All Keurig 1.0 HOME BREWERS and Compatible with Keurig B30, B31, B40, B41, B60, B70, K40, K45, K65, K75, Platinum, Classic, Elite models Does NOT work in Keurig 2.0 or VUE 100% BPA Free! 100% Lead-Free! dishwasher safe and easy to clean! Made from high quality BPA-free plastic,
  • High-Quality ValueCafe Brand, distributed EXCLUSIVELY by Ms Senior NYC so you can rely on the quality of ValueCafe Products and Ms Senior NYC's unbeatable 100% Customer Feedback and No-Hassle 100% LIFETIME Guarantee!
  • Replaces Keurig My K cup, IPM, Solofill, Ekobrew, Brewneo, BrewOro, Xcellent Global, iPartsPlusMore, IPM, Fill N Save, Generic, Blendin, Brewooze, Gamesetters and all other reusable coffee filters
  • Order 8, 12 or 24, and make up your own batch of ready-to brew custom k-cups
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The Best Quality Filter for Keurig You Can Buy! We spent almost a year checking out factories before choosing one which could provide the high quality and service we (and you) demand. There are cheaper suppliers we could buy from, but none that meet our high standards. After our experience of years of production and over 200,000 sold, we have made a good product even better. Of course, that includes 100% BPA-free plastic, food-grade stainless steel, and 100% dishwasher safe! ! Backed by the Best Guarantee! Millions of these filters have been sold, and our product reviews and customer feedback are tops. And they are backed by our 100% No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee. If you have a problem, contact us. If we can't fix the problem we'll replace the filters or refund your money. (If you call Amazon customer service they will tell you that the product is not returnable. That's Amazon's policy, NOT ours.) Just click "Ask Seller" on your order page. Great Design! No hacks! The easiest refillable Kcup to use and clean! Unlike some other brands, ValueCafe refillable pods do not need any hacks, tips, or brewer modifications or add-ons to use. ValueCafe pods have been designed and engineered specifically to work with your Keurig brewer. No need to remove or swap out the filter holder. No need to remove any parts from your Keurig (unlike My-K-Cup.) Insert ValueCafe pods just as you would an expensive pre-filled K-Cup!