Plugable USB Hub, 10 Port - USB 2.0 with 20W Power Adapter and Two Flip-Up Ports

-By Plugable

List Price: $32.95
Price: $32.95
  • EXPANDABLE - With this hub, add up to 10 additional USB devices easily to any USB-capable computer. Never run out of USB ports on your desk again.
  • COMPATIBLE - Compatible with any Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux or other system with standard USB-A ports. Forward and backwards compatible with all USB 2.0 or 1.1 host controllers and devices. USB 2.0 speeds up to 480 Mbps. Fully plug and play.
  • POWER - Included 5V 4A power supply. Two flip-up ports support independent charging when not connected to a host computer.
  • DESIGN - Master blue power LED. Sleek piano black finish. Six ports in front and four rear ports to minimize cable clutter and maximize accessability. Two of the rear ports flip-up to a vertical position to allow for easy access and insertion of USB flash drives and other devices with one hand.

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Product Description

Featuring a simple yet flexible design, the Plugable USB2-HUB10C2 provides easy expansion for any USB capable system. Two ports swivel to a vertical position to allow easy insertion with one hand.Compatibility Featuring the Terminus FE1.1SB USB 2.0 hub chipset for maximum compatibility. Supports Microsoft Windows 10 through XP, Mac OS X, and Linux/Unix. Apple SuperDrive not compatible. Full forward and backward compatibility between USB 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1 hosts and devices. Requires no driver installation (although individual devices may require drivers).

Other Common Uses

In addition to use as a standard USB 2.0 hub, the hub can power the Raspberry Pi & Pi 2 and its attached USB devices.