ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

-By Think Fun

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  • Gravity Maze is a fun falling marble logic game, like marble runs from back in the day but with a logical twist!
  • Perfect for players aged 8 and up, a fun game whether you're a child or adult.
  • Contains 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert that become increasingly difficult as you play through, along with a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles.
  • Playing your way through the challenges builds spatial reasoning and planning skills, and provides a great stealth learning experience for young players.
  • Winner of several awards, including the prestigious Toy of the Year Award in the Specialty Category, from the Toy Industry Association, Parents Choice Gold Award, and more.

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Product Description

We love games that are as fun for kids as they are for parents! The towers in this game can be arranged in a variety of structures but, for each challenge, you'll have to to build a path that will carry your marble to its target. This game is just as fun for a single player as it is for small groups.