Chase 'n Chomp Sticky Bone Pet Chew Toy, Sticks to Floor &Provides Hours of Fun for Doggy, Durable & Heavy Duty

-By Chase 'n Chomp

List Price: $15.00
Price: $13.61
  • This Extremely Durable rubberdog toy Sticks to Any Flat Surface and will keep Mr. or Ms. Dog Endlessly Happy and Busy for Hours and Hours as he or she tries to yank and pull it loose
  • If you have a Doggy Who Loves the Water, this toy is Perfect Because It Floats; No matter how many times you Toss It in the Water, and Fido goes after it, the toy will still float
  • When Rover finally dislodges the bone from the floor, Treats Will Randomly Fly Out of the Toy as Rover rolls and moves it around; this makes the toy Ultra-Attractive to All Dogs; the best combination for any dog is toys and food
  • Color may vary, but most dogs probably won't care as long as their Human Can Load the Toy with Treats and Stick It to the Floor; can also be used for Catch and Retrieve
  • This Multifaceted Toy for Pups Makes a Great Christmas or Birthday Gift for the family dog, your dog-loving friends, or your granddog, if you have one.

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Product Description

The Chase 'n Chomp Sticky Bone Pet Chew Toy is the perfect toy for the energetic, motor-constantly-running hound. El Doggo will be mesmerized by this toys ability to roll on forever while spouting random dog treats; it’s the equivalent of a gumball machine that shoots out free candy. Fortunately, the toy is extremely durable and the majority of dogs will fail to destroy this fantastic toy. Buy this sticking, floating, treat-dispensing toy today and be prepared for a happy dog.