Hot Chocolate on a Stick - 12 Pack Variety Gift Box - Dark, Milk, Vanilla White Chocolate

-By Popbar

List Price: $37.99
Price: $37.99
  • Simply add steamed milk to our Hot Chocolate on a Stick and stir to create your own deliciousness on a stick!
  • Each Hot Chocolate Stick comes individually wrapped in a clear bag, complete with instructions.
  • Made with ALL NATURAL ingredients and kosher certified. Also, each hot chocolate stick contains an average of 30% more hot chocolate than similar products.
  • Great gift for any special occasion! Gift box complete and ready with a bow. Milk Chocolate, Vanilla White Chocolate, and in 3, 6, 12 gift pack varieties.

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Product Description

Premium Hot Chocolate on a Stick - 12 flavor variety packed in a gift box. This package contains 4 Dark, 4 Milk, and 4 Vanilla White Hot Chocolate sticks. Simple instructions: fill up a cup of hot milk, place the hot chocolate on a stick in the cup, and stir for 1-2 minutes until the chocolate dissolves completely. How easy is that? Each stick comes individually wrapped in a clear bag with simple instructions on how to prepare. Ideal for breakfast, a snack, parties, kids, gifts, and more! Our Hot Chocolate on a Stick is shelf stable, it does not need to be refrigerated, and has a shelf life of over a year.