Papo Standing Great Kudu Toy Figure

-By Papo

List Price: $8.29
Price: $14.52
  • Develops dexterity and sparks the imagination
  • Dimensions: 4,92 x 2,6 x 5,31 inches
  • Beautifully finished and durable
  • This Great Kudu stands as if he is alert to all on the savannah
  • About 5.5" long
  • Papo strives to manufacture long-lasting, high quality beautiful toys
  • Each are hand painted
  • Part of the Wild Animal Collection

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Product Description

For almost 20 years now, Papo has been helping younger and older children to develop and to discover the world around them. Childhood is a time of dreams and adventures, and this was what we had in mind when we decided to create the first princesses, princes, dragons and Knights. Thanks to the originality of its products and the extreme care taken with product quality and safety, over the years Papo has proved popular with children and their parents. Today a reference in the world of 50104 figures, Papo continues to develop new ranges to inspire the imaginations of children the world over. In an age of mass consumption and throwaway goods, Papo remains true to its wish to produce fine toys which last over time and which can be passed on from generation to generation.